Caring for your children like we would our own

Did you know... that we now offer all day walk-in care from 8:00am to 6:15pm?

Here's how it works: First your Primary Care Provider still has same day sick appointments available each day. So if you want to see your regular provider make sure that you call to schedule an appointment. However, if you aren't sure what time will work best for you, then you have the option of walking in. When you come for a walk-in appointment you have to understand that:

A.You may not be seeing your regular provider.
B.You will see who is scheduled during that time to take the walk-in patients and it may change once you are in a room depending on which provider becomes available sooner.
C.Your wait may also be a little bit longer.
D.We still value your time and our goal is always to stay as on time as we possibly can but will always put our patients with scheduled appointments first.

We know that you appreciate that when you have a scheduled appointment so we ask that you respect that when you walk-in as well.

As always our walk-in appointments are available for your convenience for Urgent Concerns and are great for colds, fevers, stitches, or broken bones. However, appointments are still needed for Well Care, Behavior Concerns, and Chronic Issues.

If you have any questions about what would be appropriate for a walk-in appointment please call our office at 970-619-8139