Thompson River Pediatrics offers MEDICAL EAR PIERCING!!!

We do medical ear piercing using The Blomdahl Medical Piercing System in our office for $60.

Why should you choose your pediatrician's office to pierce your child's ears?

We believe using the Blomdahl medical ear piercing system, which is only available to physicians, provides your child with a safer and more sanitary alternative to local retail stores. Blomdahl is a sterile system where a disposable cartridge is replaced with every ear piercing and uses a medical-grade titanium piercing stud to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction and infection.

This service is available to patients that are 3 months old to 9 months old, or above the age of 5 that are up to date on their tetanus vaccine. Your child needs to be able to sit quietly during the procedure and participate in responsible aftercare to ensure a good outcome. The staff reserves the right to cancel the procedure if they feel the situation may be unsafe due to a child's inability to cooperate. If we are able to pierce one ear and the child won't cooperate for the second ear then you will still be charged the full price for both piercings. It's important with older children to make sure that this is a procedure that your child wants. There is a slight pinch and a possibility of being sore afterwards.

The only location that we will pierce is the earlobe. We do not provide cartilage piercing.

This is a cosmetic procedure and will not be filed with insurance. Payment is due at the time the service is performed. The cost is $60 for two ear piercings and includes the earrings.

You will be asked to sign an informed consent form to verify that you understand the risks associated to getting the ear lobes pierced.

After piercing you must clean the earlobe with soap and water twice daily, or with sterile saline. Always use clean hands to touch ears and earrings. DO NOT twist the earrings or apply rubbing alcohol as this will impede healing. The earrings will stay in place for 6 weeks before removing and replacing the piercing studs. You will be provided detailed aftercare instructions that we recommend you follow responsibly.

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