Collaborative Care Center

After 5 years in business Dr. Franques and Amber were able to make their vision of having multiple services provided under one roof come alive. They wanted to make it easy and convenient for parents to be able to get their kids the services that they needed right here at their medical home. They designed and built The Thompson River Pediatrics Collaborative Care Center. The building offers two separate entrances. One for Well kids and one for sick kids. This way they can keep the newborn babies, immunocompromised and healthy kids separated from the not healthy kids.

The Collaborative Care Center not only offers their Pediatric Primary Care and all day Urgent Care walk-in, but also houses Colorado in Motion Kids Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. They have a full size PT gym as well as a full size sensory gym on site.

The Center also houses Colorado Center for Assessment and Counseling which offers Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing for kids and well as Behavioral Health Counseling Services.