Flu Facts and Flu Myths

We interviewed one of our doctors about some common myths on flu shots.

1) Myth-The flu shot makes me sick
Truth- The flu shot keeps you from getting Influenza which is a serious virus with high fevers and cough that can cause many complications including pneumonia and death. It does not however prevent the common cold that is circulating during the fall months.

2) Myth- I got the flu shot and that “flu” still went through the house
Truth- there is a misconception that stomach flu is influenza which it is not, the influenza vaccine prevents influenza which is at a minimum 7 days of fever, body aches and cough but does not prevent the 24 hour vomiting and diarrhea stomach flu

3) Myth-I’m healthy and not in daycare so it doesn’t matter if I get the flu
Truth- Every year healthy children and adults are hospitalized and die from influenza so in addition to keeping healthy children in school and adults at work, getting the flu vaccine can help save your life.